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Council President Scott’s Remarks At Today's Board Of Estimates Meeting

Council President Scott’s Remarks
At Today's Board Of Estimates Meeting

Comments On Police Settlement & Police Training Facility Move

BALTIMORE, MD (September 18, 2019) — At this morning’s Board of Estimates meeting, Council President Brandon M. Scott made the following statements regarding two items on the Board’s non-routine agenda. 

The Council President pulled a settlement agreement for a police misconduct claim from the “routine” agenda so that concerns around a non-disparagement clause it contained could be discussed.

At this morning’s Board of Estimates meeting, Council President Scott said: 

“I will not stand in the way of anyone who is seeking redress for the serious wrongs alleged in this case, so I vote yes. I would be remiss if I did not express my severe disappointment in this City’s continued use of non-disparagement clauses. So-called “gag orders.” That’s what motivated me to move this settlement to the non-routine agenda for discussion in the first place. 

Victims of police brutality have a constitutionally protected right to speak about their experiences. We must protect this right and stop re-traumatizing people for simply getting their just compensation. That’s why I co-sponsored legislation that would clarify that it is our City’s policy not to employ such language. We have an obligation to own our mistakes and to be transparent and accountable to Baltimore's residents.”

Council President Scott abstained from a vote on the lease agreement for a new police training facility mandated by the Consent Decree. The training facility, which has been located on Northern Parkway in Northwest Baltimore, is slated for relocation to the University of Baltimore.

This morning, the Council President said:

“The federal judge overseeing the Consent Decree called for a new police training facility. At the same time, I’m extremely disappointed that the community was promised engagement about the academy’s fate and that never happened from what I can tell. We know the academy has meant a lot to people who live there and they should have been included in the process. Our communities in Northwest Baltimore were not given a voice here.  

So I’m abstaining because the consent decree mandated this move and we have to fulfill our responsibility to the Consent Decree.”

As Council President, Scott chairs the Board of Estimates and sets the agenda. Members of the public can view Board of Estimates agendas on the Baltimore City Council website here.

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