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Education and Youth Committee to hold Legislative Oversight Hearing









BALTIMORE, MD – On Thursday, February 9th, Baltimore City Councilman Zeke Cohen and members of the Council's Education and Youth Committee, will hold a public hearing on the budget deficit facing Baltimore City Public Schools.

Thursday's hearing will take place at Patterson High School at 100 Kane Street, at 4:30 p.m.




  • Investigate the causes of Baltimore City Public Schools’ projected $129,000,000 deficit.
  • Learn from students, parents, teachers, principals and advocates, about the real impact that budget cuts could have. 
  • Determine best course of action to help close funding gap, and set a trajectory to increase long-term investment and accountability. 




  • Zeke Cohen - Introduction of Committee (4 minutes)

    Reintroduce the committee.
    Share rules and share goals of the Hearing
    Brief statement on the deficit


  • Andy Marquez (Patterson High School Student 3 Minutes)
  •  Bobbi O’Brien (Patterson High School Teacher 3 Minutes)
  • David Fawley (Patterson Park Public Charter School Parent 3 Minutes)
  • Chris Turk (Principal George Washington Elementary School 3 Minutes)
  • Alison Perkins-Cohen (Chief of Staff, Baltimore City Public Schools 15 Minutes)
  • Greater Baltimore Committee Representative (3 Minutes)
  • Adequacy Study Rep (3 Minutes)
  • Morgan Showalter (Baltimore Teachers Union Representative 3 Minutes)
  • Professor Lawrence Brown (Morgan State University 3 Minutes)
  • Frank Patinella (ACLU and Baltimore Education Coalition 3 Minutes)
  • Taylor Stewart (Baltimoreans for Educational Equity 3 Minutes)
  • Student from SOMOS (3 Minutes)
  • Public Testimony (40 Minutes)
  • Questions from Education Committee throughout presentations (25 Minutes)



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