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Council President's Statement on Education as a Priority in the 2020 Legislative Session

Council President's Statement on Education as a Priority in the 2020 Legislative Session

Council President Scott Expresses Strong Support for Kirwan and HB 1/SB 1


BALTIMORE, MD (January 8, 2020) — Council President Brandon M. Scott released the following statement on education as a priority in the 2020 legislative session:

"Today, on the opening day of the Maryland legislative session, I express my strong support for House Bill 1 / Senate Bill 1: The Build to Learn Act of 2020. This legislation would authorize an additional $2.2 billion in bonds for school construction. Our youth are our greatest resource and most important investment. That’s why I am ecstatic to see our state lawmakers make improving and updating the conditions in which our students learn a top priority.

As a city, we will also continue to prioritize our public schools. In August, I introduced a resolution calling on the Finance Department to prepare to meet the funding recommendations of the Kirwan Commission and prepare a fiscal readiness plan. We held an initial hearing in the City Council and look forward to more conversation in the coming months.

I will continue to fight for the City to step up its contribution to meet the responsibility of the Kirwan Commission recommendations. I will also continue to advocate for legislation like HB1/SB1 that makes more dollars available to our students and their school buildings – so that every student in the State of Maryland receives a quality education regardless of neighborhood or jurisdiction.  

I look forward to working with House Speaker Jones, Senate President Ferguson, the entire General Assembly, and our teachers and families to ensure all of our students can grow and develop in environments that are conducive to their learning."


— Council President Scott

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